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Check the wall for its smoothness, plumb and ensure it is free from oily films, wall papers etc. Deposit a good quality ceramic adhesive evenly on the wall with the help of notched spreader start fixing the tile from a corner. Use only rubber mallet to ensure good contact of the tile with the wall and the tile nearby. Leveling is to be checked frequently, especially when tiles are being applied to larger areas. Allow 12 hours to set the tiles. Fill the gaps between tiles with good sealing material using sponge or squeeze. Remove excess material deposition. Cutting and drilling of tiles requires proper skilled hands to carry out the job. For hold drilling, location is to be determine, always use masonry drill bits with minimum cutting speed. Curve cutting may need a template of the curve desired, reproduce the curve on the tile and cut carefully.
  Wall Requirement
The wall should be strong and flat, surface be smooth. The wall should be waxed / printed. Wall should be clean and dry, if the tiling has to be done on plywood the surface of wall should be sealed with 50% volume mixture of PVA and water.
Tiles Preparation
Mix the tiles from different cartoons which will help in fine blending of shades.
Tiles Laying
Firstly, apply the high quality ceramic adhesive on the wall and place the first tile on the corner. Apply even pressure on the four corner of the tile to ensure sticking. Fill the area of wall that can be filled with the tiles without cutting and leave it for at least 12 hours. Fill the rest of area with the measures and cut tiles.
Tamping Process
To ensure the proper contact of tile with the wall, evenly tamp the tiles with a rubber mallet tamp.
Applying Grout
On the next day, the grouting is done. Apply the grout diagonally between the tiles using a sponge to fill the gaps between the tiles. Clean and wipe the surplus grout with a sponge.
Curve Cutting
To fit the tile in a curved surface of wash basin etc. Measure and mark the curve on cardboard and place the cardboard on the tile to cut it.
Hole Cutting
To pass a pipe through the tile, the tile has to be cut in a specific manner. Mark the position on the tile. Which the tile will occupy. Draw a straight line passing through the center of the circle. Cut the tile on the drawn. Cut the seml-clrcles on each of the half and when these 1wo halves placed together will from a hole.
  Window Recess Tiling And Cutting
Tile has to be cut In T shape for window recess. Cut a line from center to edge and than draw a right angle line vertical down. Cut the line to get on T shape that can fit in a window.
Accessory Tile Fitting
While laying the normal tiles, keep an empty space where a accessory tiles will be fit. Apply the adhesive on the back of accessory tiles and place it uniformly in the space and apply even pressure to place the accessory tile.
Tile Drilling
Apply masking tape to cover the area to be drilling. Mark the position of hole and drill the hole with lowest possible pressure on the drill.